Our one-off cleaning service is available for both domestic and commercial clients in London seven days a week inconvenient for our clients time with respect to their schedules. No matter if you await guests and important visitors, or you have just waved them for goodbye after a party, no matter if you need us for seasonal, or after builders cleaning, no matter if you have just moved in and you need help for the deep cleaning, our job is to do the hard work for you in timely manner and on prices, which will really surprise you how reasonable they are!

We at Find Cleaner are in the London cleaning branch for years, accumulating knowledge and experience, which nowadays allow us to have to the confidence we can handle practically every situation and problem. We pride ourselves with 100% positive customer feedback and a reputation everyone else is envy about. Our well-selected and background-checked team of qualified, skilled and passionate cleaning experts works with the highest quality products and equipment on the international market. For the decades, we practice our work with enthusiasm and willingness to help everyone in need, we have managed to get very sensitive to the individual preferences and requirement of everyone, making our services completely custom-focused and tailored to the personal needs and desires of our commercial and domestic clients and also the specific requirements of every space and property.

Cleaning services engineered to guarantee best results

No matter the size of the project, the time we have to work with and the budget, we always make sure to deliver superb quality and have a friendly approach and respect to everyone. This is the reason we decided on creating a specific cleaning service, each and every out of them designed and performed for specific needs. The one-off cleaning is part of this working policy and is adapted to clients that need our help just once. What we strive to achieve with every project in London is the highest attention to details, so not a single square of the property will be left uncleaned and also a long-lasting effect, which will bring joy and satisfaction for as long as possible.

Every one-off cleaning project we undertake in London includes:

  • Bedrooms – including cleaning of windows, mirrors, doors and doorframes, drawers and wardrobes, remove all litter, wiping of radiators, skirting-boards, switchers and sockets, vacuuming and mopping, removing dust and more.
  • Living rooms, lounges and hallways – including cleaning of windows, mirrors, doors and door frames, drawers and wardrobes, wiping pictures ad paintings, polishing tables and surfaces, cobwebs, radiators, switchers and sockets, vacuuming, mopping, removing all litter and dust.
  • Kitchens – including cleaning of windows, kitchen cupboards and drawers, inside and outside fridges and defrost, degreasing and cleaning ovens, microwaves and hobs, de-scaling and cleaning sink, wiping and polishing countertops, removing dust, vacuuming and mopping, etc.
  • Bathrooms – with the additional wiping and polishing the tiles, de-scaling and cleaning the sink, the toilet and seat-cover, shower, shower doors, bath tube and more.