Maintaining your floor in flawless condition is not only important for the look, but also for its long-lasting power. By following the proper cleaning and maintenance routine you also make sure to protect the floor, no matter what kind of material it is made from, and prevent some issues grow bigger and destroy not only the beautiful appearance but also the stability of the whole structure. Hardwood floor cleaning and polishing is the professional service we at Find Cleaner deliver with extra quality and attention to every detail, performing timely and well-organised for our domestic and commercial clients in London.

Especially when it comes to commercial premises or houses with big families and pets, floors often experience a lot of busy traffic and high level of everyday use, which includes a constant accumulation of dust and dirt, which can work as an abrasive and scratch the sleek surface. Floors, which have to survive an aggressive environment and a lot of external impacts are often a subject of issues and damages. In order to prevent the floor from issues and to keep it in flawless condition and look for longer, you are going to need a professional help and maintenance service. Find Cleaner’s experienced and qualified team undertakes all kinds of projects in the London area, including hardwood, marble, limestone, vinyl, linoleum and terrazzo floor cleaning, as well as carpet cleaning for soft floors. Our team is trained in the most advanced and successful floor cleaning methods, suitable for any kind of hard flooring, working with the proper highest quality equipment and health-safe products. We also make sure to offer a tailored and custom-focused services in order to be able to meet the individual requirements and needs of every one of our clients and to satisfy them 100%.

A flexible cleaning schedule for your needs

Real wood floors are a very popular choice and many London clients opt for solid wood, engineered wood or parquet floors because of their beauty and the simple elegance and class they bring to every house. Another benefit of owning a real wood floor is that it is very easy to be maintained and cleaned, just make sure to follow a routine, which is recommended by the experts and consider professional cleaning, polishing and refinishing service from time to time. With time you will start noticing some changes in the beautiful appear on your hardwood floor, but don’t worry, because we will quickly and timely get rid of all the imperfections and stop them from growing bigger. Our sanding and refinishing services will not only remove all the scratches and stains from the surface and make it even and smooth but also add a lot of durability and protection to the whole construction. Polishing and recoating of new layers of sealing products is recommended annually for a long-lasting protection.

Marble and natural stone floors can also be transformed and brought back to their initial beauty and solidness thanks to our cleaning, polishing, sealing, honing and repair services in London. This is not simply your manual cleaning routine, but the whole care package for your natural stone floor, which will be cleaned, polished and sealed for a beautiful look and extra long-lasting protection. If your marble or granite floor faces some issues, imperfections can be easily removed thank to honing (or diamond polishing) for a flawless look!