We have spent years of researching the real estate market in London in order to be able to recognise, understand and meet all the requirements and needs of this branch. Without spending so much time on researching the topic, we already knew that a messy and dirty property and the tidy, inviting and clean one differs a lot in the eyes of the buyer and this difference influences a lot the decision for buying or renting the property. It is easy to tell which makes a positive and lasting first impression and adds a lot of value, right? So, if you are a landlord or real estate agent searching for adding value to the properties you sell, we have the perfect solution for you – Find Cleaner’s cleaning services for landlords and estate agents, which show attention to every aspect of the cleaning process and deliver the highest quality possible in London as well as more in-depth treatments such as carpet and upholstery cleaning that guarantee the most impressive look of any given property under the Sun.

Whatever the occasion, choose professional cleaning solutions

What sells the property quicker than anything else is the professional and inviting look, which have to be trusted to the reliable and experienced professionals. No matter if it comes to end or beginning of the tenancy cleaning, the service has to be performed very consciously and also well-organised and timely. Find Cleaner can offer the exact proper and professional approach to every project we undertake in London because we are sensitive to the needs and requirements of our busy schedule clients and also we are trained in the most effective methods, qualified to work with advanced and high-quality health-safe products and equipment. We have a gentle approach to the furniture pieces, floors and fabrics while we remove all the stubborn dirt and making sure the effect is long-lasting, preventive and protective.

Flexible and effective cleaning services

Finding a reliable and trusted company to offer cleaning services for landlords and estate agents will not only save you time, money, energy and hassle but also provide final results, which speak and sell themselves. We are trained according to the highest standards for quality, hygiene, health and safety in London and pride ourselves with 100% positive customer feedback. Our amazing reputation and experience makes Find Cleaner your best choice in London and surrounding areas, where we operate for already decades, providing outstanding performance and respect to the requirements, desires and needs of our domestic and commercial clients.

We like to believe that we not only offer excellent cleaning services for landlords and estate agents but the whole care package, which every property needs to unwind its full potential, beauty and functionality. Here are our main services available in London:

  • Beginning and end of tenancy cleaning
  • Regular professional deep cleaning
  • One-off professional cleaning
  • Carpet and hard floor cleaning
  • Upholstery, window and bathroom cleaning

We will deliver all the materials and equipment in a convenient for you day and work hard and timely until we achieve the best results possible!