Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower… or something in this line of thoughts, the wiser people have already said it. We see why and how you are not such a big fan of general and deep house cleaning (nobody has time for that!), however, to this date we still do not understand why autumn cleaning is so much underestimated, unlike spring cleaning that is taken very seriously and you can find thousands of guides and tips articles on the world wide web. Just think of it this way – people think that, in general, spring is the time of everything new, the period of starting new things and be excited and enthusiastic about them, the best time for cleaning your house entirely and get rid of the winter blues, while preparing for everything ahead, waiting for you. Well, what about autumn? Isn’t it the same? Autumn is the season of back to school and preparing for an exciting holiday season waiting ahead. Autumn is the time to get rid of the summer “leftovers” (yes, we know that you are not that excited for the end of summer, but this is happening anyway). After all, summer is the season of leisure, holidays and not spending your whole day in cleaning and dealing with household tasks, however autumn brings us back to the reality and requires a new start, an improved home, a good preparation for the colder days we are going to spend mostly between the four walls of the house.

So, while spring cleaning is praised and exciting, autumn cleaning is equally required and much needed, if not even more! The philosophy of the period is as simple as that – you are about to roll your sleeves and get ready for a weekend or two, full of cleaning tasks and digging deeper into all those neglected corners and nooks of your home to dust them and make them sparkling clean. After all, it all worth it, considering how much of your time you are going to spend indoor in the upcoming colder season. Creating comfort and cosiness is your main goal!

Always start with the bigger tasks first. Facing the huge chores, you will be left with a few details later on that are pretty much no hassle and fuss at all. Most of the things that need to be cleaned you can clean by yourself – washing the windows, removing every dust particle from every spot in your house (do not forget the top of your kitchen cabinets, appliances, bigger furniture pieces as well as the smaller things like electric outputs, handles of the doors, hanging decoration, ceiling fans and chandeliers, etc.). Deep-clean your bathroom, soak the bathtub, toilet and sink with a strong disinfectant, wash the bathtub curtain and carry on with the kitchen area, paying special attention to your fridge, oven, microwave and all the appliances you are using often or on an everyday basis. There are some tasks you are probably better going to leave to the professionals like carpet, upholstery and even blinds and curtain cleaning if you want to go that extra mile.

Once you are ready with all the main cleaning, disinfecting, sweeping, washing, vacuuming, scrubbing and wiping down, it is time to pay attention to all details and create a cosy, autumny and comfortable atmosphere. Light a few pumpkins and caramel scented candles around the house and even better – bake an apple or pumpkin pie for achieving this completely non-artificial and extra enjoyable aroma floating across the whole house and entering all rooms. Throw a few cosy blankets on the sofa and spice a bit your interior with a few new pillowcases with an autumn-inspired details.