Dust is all around us. Even is all around us, even when we have just removed it thoroughly, all around the house, every nook and corner and even how to reach places. This is mainly because you probably don’t practice the proper dusting routine. And because dust is annoying, but this is a topic for another article. Since our professional house cleaning staff does more dusting than any average house owner or office manager, we guess that we are the best professionals that can give you a few advice and recommendations on how to get rid of dust successfully and conquer its habit to collect in piles all over again and to be attracted like a magnet by… well, by anything in the house really!

Here are a few efficient and time-proven tips and tricks you can successfully incorporate in your house and office cleaning routine.

  • Polish – yay or nay? – Discovering such a great diversity of cleaning and additional care products on the shelves in your local store doesn’t mean you need them all. Polish is a perfect example of that rule. Polishing may sound like a great idea that goes a long way and guarantees the dust-free surfaces you are seeking after, but this is not always the best idea. In fact, getting rid of the dust in most of the situations requires simply a damp microfiber cloth that won’t leave fluffs and marks and that’s it, really! Not rocket science, for sure! On the other hand furniture polish is still great for wooden surfaces, because they can benefit from additional protection and improved condition and look. But painted or matte surfaces can actually be totally ruined and damaged if you polish them, so when in doubt, be sure to stick to the old, but gold water.
  • Deep clean is happening not more than twice every year, so you don’t have any excuse to ignore hard-to-reach areas and hidden nooks and corners when it is time for deep cleaning at home. After all, dust and dirt won’t disappear, if you keep ignoring them. They will collect in piles and piles and be a serious reason for the unhealthy indoor environment as well as allergies and a number of conditions. In order to make a thorough dusting a bit more easier grab a paintbrush, cotton swabs and a butter knife to get into all those impossible-to-reach spaces and corners. Since this is a bit of a time-consuming chore, make sure to break it up in a few days.
  • The right direction of removing the dust is starting from top to bottom and moving your ways through in a spiral, or like clockwork. Start with ceiling and cowbells and work your way down. Don’t forget your baseboards and air vents, these are easy to forget about.
  • Dust under – Don’t be lazy and make sure to wipe the dust under and around things. Pick up the items on the shelves and then dust the items themselves.
  • The proper way – For a deep clean all ceramics can be cleaned in hot, soapy water. Wooden surfaces and unsealed materials are better dry-dusted with fresh cloth and cotton swabs. Electronics and appliances should be dry-dusted with fresh cloth.