With spring almost around the corner, we all get in a cleaning mood! Well, not exactly, but we are all dreaming of a clean and fresh house and workplace. This is how the new season and the new beginning are affecting us and this is great! Seasonal transition is often a tuff thing, but we have to try and be as much motivated and inspired as possible to start the new season with a refreshed and sanitised house. This requires a bit of a house cleaning (add to that office cleaning too), but not your usual one. If you simply cannot be bothered with thorough and intensive cleaning and a list of tasks and chores, then be sure to ask the professionals for help and consider hiring a one-off cleaning team. Otherwise, if this year you are really inspired and motivated to do all the work by yourself, then here are a few nooks and corners to pay special attention to:

Focus on tile grout

Tile grout is not exactly an everyday cleaning task, right? Let’s be real, your tiles hardly ever get the attention and care they deserve and you often end up with extremely dirty tile grout. In addition, your tiles are usually placed in your bathroom, or otherwise said – the place where dirt, mould and bacteria are accumulating faster than usual, a real hot spot for germs! When cleaning your bathroom and kitchen tiles, be sure you are using products and detergents with neutral pH on the label. If you cannot find a product with a neutral pH at your local store, or you simply prefer to use natural, healthier and greener alternatives, then you can easily make a cleaning solution by yourself and with products that can be found in any house, really. For a homemade cleaner simply mix a ½ cup of baking soda and enough water until the consistency is like a paste. Then apply the paste with a sponge and let it do its magic for a few minutes. Rinse after and you will be impressed with how clean and refreshed the tiles look. However, if there are stubborn stains remaining, be sure to call in the pros.

Countertop stain removal

Stains and spills on your granite countertop? Well, be fast as a flash and remove them as soon as possible, otherwise, you risk them become permanent! A good preventive strategy is making sure your granite countertops are sealed well right after installation. This will prevent them from being damaged by liquids and stained in the future. You can remove soap residue and mildew from your countertops by using a solution of ½ cup ammonia that is dissolved in water. Coffee and juice stains are easy to get rid of with the help of a bit of hydrogen peroxide in water and a few drops of ammonia.

Organise your books

Well, spring cleaning is not only about cleaning, but also about the organisation. Start with sections of the house and do not forget your books. Sort them out and decide what is going to stay. Remove all distressed and ripped jackets. Then line the books. You can like some of them horizontally and some of them vertically in a pattern of your choice, or you can even colour coordinate them for spicing up your interior a bit.