Spring is almost around the corner and while this time of the year means better weather (for the most parts of the world), more time spent outside, longer days and better mood, it also means that is time for that time of the year we are really enthusiastic about new beginnings, better versions of ourselves and, of course, seasonal cleaning. Yep, we may be enthusiastic about spring cleaning, at least until we really have to spring clean, when we somehow turn out to lose all the excitement, motivation and enthusiasm and find ourselves in urgent need of inspiration. Do not worry, because we are here to provide you with that extra motivation and inspiration you are lacking of, when it comes to seasonal and more thorough house cleaning and even office or workplace cleaning. Let’s get started!

Get motivated

Well, cleaning may seem like taking the whole fun out of spring, but it really won’t, if you manage to stay focused and to follow a simple and effective routine and schedule. In fact, spring cleaning is not only going to provide you with the peace of mind and great sense of accomplishment that all the winter blues and greys are out of your home that has been locked down and feeling old and tired for the most of the winter months, but it will also give you the chance to go through everything you have procrastinated for so long and sets you in the right mood to continue the year fresh and happy. You cannot hope to get your spring cleaning done successfully if you are really negative about it, so try to get inspired and keep up the motivation during the process. We know that for the most of you cleaning is not the most favourite thing in the world, but it is a necessity that has to be done and you have to be sure you make the most of it.

Look at the whole process as something positive that will bring you only benefits. Do not discourage yourself from thinking how hard it will be, but encourage yourself and everyone around by thinking of the great results spring cleaning will pay off with. Think of it as the award your home, respectively you, deserve and how positive you will feel about it at the end when everything is gone. The best way to motivate your family (or co-workers) to get into the process and help you is discussing the awards they will get for helping you out (as if a clean home or workplace is not the best award already). Then attack all the chores together, as a team. You will be surprised at how much easier it is to have someone to rely on. Make a realistic plan and spread all the tasks and duties of every member of your small cleaning team thinking realistic.

Get started

Once all the chores and tasks are divided and your team is ready to start, be sure to add some extra to the working atmosphere. Sip on your favourite caffeine beverage for more energy, crack up the volume and let your favourite music plays in the background, light some scented candles, or let a favourite movie plays in the background. Simply be sure that neither you nor anyone else from your team gets distracted! Help out where you can! Be realistic and understand that not everyone is born with the knowledge of how to do the job properly. Encourage everyone else to do the same. Helping each other is very important about everything you do!


Once you are done with all the job – celebrate! You have maybe set some individual rewards, but be sure to celebrate properly. Buy or make your favourite cake, cook a tasty dinner, watch movies and eat popcorn – no matter how you choose to celebrate and what is the favourite activity of your family/your team, be sure to end the spring cleaning process a way to remember!