We are all aware of the fact that spring and seasonal cleaning, in general, are more thorough and precise than usual. Some of us prefer to count on the experts and make the life easier with the help of one-off cleaning and even regular house cleaning services (and if you are really into spring and want a completely refreshed home, you may think about a bit of refurbishment and after-builder cleaning too). However, many of us prefer to face the challenge by ourselves and here is where spring cleaning guides come in handy. After all, it is really not that easy to keep track of everything that has to be done and we often forget about and miss some nooks and corners that need attention and care too.

While you may think that spring cleaning is really killing the fun of the season, this is not a good point of view. After all, a cheerful and comfortable home is what sets you in the right mood and in order that atmosphere and appearance to be achieved, you have to be prepared for a bit more intensive maintenance than usual. Here are a few more nooks and corner you may miss during the process and how to clean and organise them successfully:

Clean the rugs

Well, we have some good news for you, because rug cleaning is really not something that is required that often. You can clean your rugs every few years and if it is in an unused area, you can allow yourself up to 10 years break until your next thorough cleaning. Overcleaning or regular maintenance may contribute to faster wear and tear and because of that intensive scrubbing and washing are not required and recommended that often at all. However, you have to be prepared for regular maintenance (vacuuming) and also for possible accidents like spills and stains. In order to remove stains, always keep a bottle of club soda on hand. Of course, stains that are caused by pets, coffee, juice, red wine and so on are the hardest to get rid of, because of the colouring or the high acidity. The key to removing them – be quick and treat them as soon as possible for maximum success. Pour club soda directly on the spot and let it be absorbed into the yarn. Then blot again and again until the residue is gone. The same method, but instead of soda you can use milk, is recommended for bloodstains. If you still cannot handle the issue, be sure to contact your local carpet cleaning team.

Make the silver shine

The best way to make your silver shine is to scrub it gently with a toothbrush and some kind of foam that is designed for the purpose and it is not too abrasive. Make sure you never put your silverware in the dishwasher.

No more dirty wood floor

Maintaining a wooden floor in good condition is really a thing you would like to focus on, considering the fact that wood floors are really a serious investment. Of course, sanding and refinishing will be recommended every now and then, but meanwhile, you can take some steps in order to prevent a number of issues and imperfections. For example, be sure to place saucers or plates under your plans to avoid water damage, use furniture protectors for bigger pieces of furniture to avoid scratches, damp-mop once a week and vacuum daily with the attachment for hard floors.