Deep or seasonal cleaning is traditionally this time period of the year when you give the best of yourself to make the whole house look extra good, extra cosy, and extra comfortable. A fresh start of the year is nothing without a good cleaning and tidying up the house. However, considering today’s busy schedule most of the people do have, full deep cleaning of the entire house is often not a top priority. Due to a lack of time, energy, or simply no motivation and inspiration for putting some elbow grease, seasonal cleaning often remains just an idea but not a reality. And this is when the majority of us start considering the help of a professional cleaning team. Despite the fact that professional cleaning help can definitely save the day, this is not always an option to a number of reasons. This is when you must adopt a smart and effective strategy to help you achieve the effect of a thorough and detailed deep cleaning without all the hassle and stress of the real through and detailed deep cleaning.

So if you are on a hunt for some ideas on how to do seasonal cleaning effectively and still cut your time and effort down to a manageable level, here are some inspiration and professional recommendations on how to clean like a professional without spending the money on a professional cleaning service. Deep cleaning does not have to start with the feeling of dread but rather with an effective plan and strategy on how to get all the job done within a reasonable period of time. Even if you are not a list-making person, a step-by-step list to break down the whole cleaning job into reasonable pieces is very important and makes a big difference.

Start your checklist with including all tools, equipment, and products you will need for every room of the house. Before getting deep into cleaning, make sure to check the supplies you already have and make sure to buy everything you do not have at the moment. Stopping to run to the store in the middle of the cleaning process will take away your focus and could even demotivate you to continue. Keep in mind that different rooms have different needs and require different cleaning products and equipment.

Decluttering and getting everything where it belongs is a good start to the cleaning process and it will help you start with a blank canvas to work with. In addition, a cluttered space can be very overwhelming and stressful this is why it is good to start by getting rid of everything unwanted and everything you do not use anymore. You can toss and recycle everything that cannot be used anymore by anyone while the things and items in good condition can be donated and even sold. Whether you are decluttering or cleaning your home, start with the rooms with a higher priority such as kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and then continue with the places of the house with a lower priority such as the closets, laundry rooms, etc.

Choosing your cleaning arsenal like a professional is a right way to professional cleaning results. So here is the time to reveal some of the expert secrets. First things first, let’s start with the basics – a microfiber cloth is the most used tool in the field of professional cleaning because of how simple but how effective it is. Microfiber is a great sort of texture for dusting and cleaning because it removes 99% of bacteria without the need for specific sanitising solutions and products. Extensible microfiber duster is a great tool to make reaching to all nooks and corners easier and effective.

Microfiber mops are recommended for the majority of the hard surface flooring types. Just make sure that whenever you are using the mop for cleaning a real wood flooring it should be slightly damp only and you should prevent the use of too much water and liquids. Whatever the products and tools you are comfortable with using, always make sure to use the right product or tool for the right surface and purpose as explained on the instructions list, otherwise, you risk damaging the surface.