Moving is stressful, hands down. Moving out or moving into a new house, no matter what the case is, there are so many things you have to think about and keep in focus. Starting with end of tenancy cleaning and all the papers, documents and other stuff you have to do right to the fact that you have to move your whole life, literary, in a single moving truck (or two, it depends). Of course, the moving process is known for giving a few victims in the face of scratches floor or furniture pieces, broken or damaged items and more. In order to ensure a stress- and mess-free moving experience, today we are sharing with you our secrets, tips and tricks on how to move without your belongings to get damages and dents to ruin the whole experience for you.

How to transport large items without damaging them?

You may be looking at your big sofa, refrigerator or home cinema system and wonder how in the world are you supposed to transport these to your new home, no matter if across the street, or across the country, without causing a number of damages, dents and scratches. So, how to protect large items and objects during the move? First of all, taking apart whatever you can like big furniture pieces and anything else is a helpful trick. However, there are many cases when this is not possible to happen. In this case – wrap as much as you can. Make sure that your belongings are well protected and cushioned with the help of wrapping paper, blankets, old fabrics, plastic wrap, old sheets, or anything you can find and you think will do the job, you get the idea. The more you can cover and cushion – the fewer issues are expected, so go ahead and take your time to wrap well!

How to transport smaller items without damaging them?

Smaller items are easier to transport and protect at the same time since there is hardly any chance they to get smacked into a doorframe or tumbled down a flight of stairs. Of course, you have to make sure to wrap them well too. Let your priority be anything that is prone to break up easily like glass, flatware and silverware that may scratch easily. Use a bubble wrap to have this cushioning protection. It may be time-consuming to do anything separately, but it is better to pad everything well than experiencing the disappointment of your stuff being damaged, chipped, etc.

How to load your stuff into the move track?

This is a crucial moment! Professional movers know exactly how to arrange your stuff into the track, so they all fit and none of them will be sacrificed to the Broken Glass God. But if you are moving your things in a rented track, then keep in mind a few tips. Always place the heaviest items on the bottom of the box you are collecting your stuff into.

So, you are ready to move out and successfully move into your new home. Now comes the harder part – organising and cleaning. In need of end of tenancy or house cleaning service for your old home? You can count on the cleaning professionals, of course!