With Winter just around the corner anyone would like to enjoy a clean and sanitised house. It is understandable because when days get colder, we spend much more time indoors and because of that we would like to enjoy a cosy, tidy and healthy indoor environment. However, with the end of Summer and summer holidays, our everyday routine is back on track, which for many of us means back to a full-time job, take the kids to school and running an endless list of errands, so, understandably, household duties are somewhere around the critical end of the priorities list. However, a clean house is still a necessity, not to mention it is preferred and a dream for many of us, so here is where a professional service can help. In fact, we, as a professional cleaning company, have helped thousands of households for the past few years to make the transition between Summer to Autumn and Winter less stressful and more enjoyable, so here are the main cleaning services we recommend to you, so you, your family and your house can get ready for the winter season.

  • House cleaning in general – Let’s be honest, no one has the time for a thorough and detailed house cleaning during the hot summer days, when everyone prefer to relax and spend some quality time with a true holiday you deserve. However, household duties are accumulating with the speed of the light and practically every nook and corner of the house is in emergency need of attention and maintenance. Well, facing so much job to be done could be pretty much extremely stressful and overwhelming, so here is a solution for you – a full house cleaning service package! A professional service will not simply clean the house to sparkle and shininess, but the cleaning professionals will also provide you with a deep sanitizing in order to remove all bacteria and allergens, get rid of dust and dirt in each and every room and area of the house, refresh the overall atmosphere, achieve a fresh color contrast, where needed and pay special attention to all trouble areas and issues.
  • Professional carpet cleaning – Professional carpet stain removal and sanitising is a great way to start Winter afresh. The experts will approach your carpets and rugs with a specially designed system that removes all the accumulated dirt, allergens, dust and even stubborn stains and leave the carpet gently pampered, flawless-looking, fresh-smelling and protected for a long period of time.
  • Upholstery cleaning – Professional upholstery cleaning service is almost the same thing and has almost the same effect as carpet maintenance. In addition, upholstery is always treated better by the professionals, they have the right methods, equipment and products to approach upholstery appropriately, efficient and yet gently.
  • Window cleaning – Well, window cleaning at home rarely requests specific skills, products and equipment and anyone could do it at home, no need for professional service. However, it is such a boring, long and exhausting process, so why not to hire some assistance, right, especially when it comes at a great price?!