Holiday season was the perfect time to excuse yourself and forget about house cleaning almost the whole month of December. But now, when the holidays are already gone, all the Christmas decoration is taken down and New Year has just started, there is no place to hide from house cleaning. And also no point hiding, because, after all, it is your home, your calm oasis in the middle of the hectic urban desert and you want it to look and feel its best!

Well, lack of time is always a good reason to ignore maintaining your home and give it a good and quality clean. We understand that many of you are balancing between career, social life and family and that the last thing you want to deal with after an exhausting and stressful working day is rubbing, vacuuming and sweeping. However, with our quick, easy-to-follow and highly effective five house speed clean tips, there is no excuse for you anymore. Now you need just a few minutes a day for good maintenance and decent clean of the house!

  • Dusting is something many of us dislike from the bottom of our hearts. Well, you know how it is, dealing with all the decorations, little trinkets and items collected around the house you are often wondering – why I still keep all this? In addition, every house has areas and places that are hard to reach, too high, too low, too hidden and we prefer to neglect them any single time and hoping that someday we will have the inspiration to take care of. This day has just come and we are going to help you conquer all the dust and dirt piles easier than you think! Simply start dusting from the highest point and work your way lower in a spiral. Use a microfiber cloth that won’t leave fluffs and scratches. Challenge yourself to see how quickly you can get it done and you will be surprised at how good you are if you try and focus without paying attention to other things meanwhile.
  • Windows and mirrors are a real pain when it comes to keeping them crystal clean and sparkling. For best results, use the same above mentioned microfiber cloth in order to cut down cleaning time. You also can save additional money by not buying a ton of different products.
  • Bathrooms, ah, we hate taking care of them and we are sure that you are pretty familiar with this situation! Bathrooms are the worst, but they need to be extra clean, so embrace yourself and let’s hop on this wagon once again! You can use a disposable toilet scrubber for a quick and effective clean of the toilet bowl and then use a sanitising wipe for the flushing handle and the toilet seat and lid. Next, are bathroom sink and countertops that can look like brand new if you spray them down with your favourite cleaner and then wipe them with… wait for it… yes, with the same, old, microfiber cloth!
  • Floors – no matter if it comes to soft or hard floors, to floors from natural materials, or man-made ones, all of them can look great for a long time with a quick 5-minute vacuum every day!
  • The kitchen – a real challenge even for OCD-s! Start by cleaning the oven with baking soda in order to get rid of grease, dirt and odour. Then polish the stovetop and make it sparkle. Continue with spraying and wiping the countertops. That’s it really!