Mold is a common problem in many homes and definitely a subject of many house cleaning attempts. Adding to this the fact that mould is mostly growing in springtime when humidity levels outside and inside the house are higher and the weather is getting warmer, this is about the perfect time to brace yourself and start with destroying mould all around the house… and prevent it from growing back again.

There are many products offered on the market. Most of them are designed to remove mould, however, don’t have the effectivity to kill it completely and prevent it from growing back again. In addition, most of these products contain ingredients that along being intoxicating and destroying mould are pretty dangerous harsh-chemicals too and this make them pretty unhealthy and unsafe for the whole family. Because of that, we are always on a hunt for natural, safe and healthy ways for fighting against mould at home and winning the battle every time, so here are ten very effective ways to prevent mould growing in all the rooms of your home without causing intoxication and using harsh-chemicals.

  • Indoor humidity level under 40% is a true hell for mould because it is impossible for it to grow in such conditions. Keeping track with the indoor humidity level is not that hard at all and doesn’t require anything more than purchasing a digital hygrometer at your local home supply store.
  • Mold usually grows in areas with poor ventilation that causes poor quality of the indoor air. Indoor plants, however, can significantly improve the quality of indoor air but don’t turn your rooms into a jungle, because too many plants and too over-watered plants they can also serve as the perfect place for mould to grow. Make sure you don’t over-water plants and keep them damp, not dripping wet.
  • Don’t throw away the silica packets that come with your new shoes and leather goods. Collect them and then place them in an open container in places like closets, under the sink cabinets, bathroom drawers and more to prevent mould.
  • Unwanted moisture and water in the basement and lofts is another way to grow your own mould kingdom at home. If you want to make sure this is not going to happen, make sure there are no leaks left unfixed and stormwater is safely directed away from a home’s foundation.
  • Make sure you use your bathroom fan is used every time after you take a shower. If you don’t have a bathroom fan, then ensure good ventilation in this room by keeping the door open until the bathroom is completely dry.
  • And the above mentioned reminds us of the fact that ensuring good ventilation and airflow in the whole house. This can be easily achieved if you make sure there is a free space left between furniture and other objects in the room and the walls of the room. Give hanging clothes plenty of room in the closets to help them “breathe”.
  • Line the bottom of your garbage can with crumpled newspapers to make sure all the excess liquids are absorbed well.
  • Change your air filters regularly to prevent mould spores circulate.
  • Regularly disinfect drain traps with baking soda and vinegar.
  • Inspect the whole home for potential leaks or other moisture issues at least once every month.

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