If you have experienced a building, renovation or refurbishment service at least one in your life, you already know the mess left after that needs to be approached more precisely than a simple house cleaning. No matter if it comes to walls, floor, sanding, honing, decorations, etc., dust and dirt are always left, even after a professionally done service when all the protection concerns are made. If you are stuck in this scenario of too much work to deal with, we have the perfect solution for you – our after builders cleaning service team is always on hand for you in London, providing customer care and help 7 days a week in convenient for you time! Simply make sure to get in touch and arrange a visit for free inspecting of your property.

Many professional building and restoration companies nowadays offer an almost completely dust-free service, which is a great benefit to take advantage of, however even with the minimal amount of dust and dirt created, it is more than enough to provoke allergies when accumulated in the room for a long time. Our main mission as a hard-working and dedicated after builders cleaning team is to make sure all allergies provocateurs, which may affect your well-being and health are completely removed and every square of the property is sanitised and shiny clean. This can be achieved with some additional help from our hard floor cleaning department since hard floors attract industrial dust in large amounts.

Cleaning services meeting the needs of all clients

Our after builders cleaning team is trained in a combination of advanced and time-proven working techniques, which guarantees a very professional deep cleaning you can’t achieve otherwise. Find Cleaner also puts trust in technological excellence and we invest in modern and high quality equipment, which is specially designed for deep cleaning purposes and also we work with highest quality products, which are very aggressive to dirt, however very gentle to fabrics and materials, also eco-friendly and completely not harmful for you and your family.

At Find Cleaner we know how important it is for you to have your home clean, sanitised and an enjoyable place to spend a quality time in general. This is the reason we focus our after builders cleaning service to the individual requirements and needs of our clients, no matter in domestic or commercial and make sure to provide a timely and well-organised performance with a professional manner, which is tailored to the personal preferences of the client. We make sure to pay attention to every detail, however when visiting you we prefer to discuss your expectations first, so if you would like to specify our main tasks – we would be happy to hear more from you and your desires.

Our after builders cleaning service are most often asked for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and common premises and our main duties include: cleaning premises and removing dust, drawers and other pieces of furniture from inside and outside, cleaning and removing dust from technical pieces, also sinks, walls, stoves, windows, tiles, bathtubs and showers, disinfecting toilets, vacuuming, mopping and sanitising floors of all types, including carpets and upholstery on an additional and very affordable price, emptying litter and, in general, making sure every square of the area is shiny clean!