Superior Cleaning Services in London

Find Cleaner is a reliable and preferred by many in London company, which delivers highest quality of cleaning and maintenance services. We pride ourselves in balancing time-proven and traditional cleaning techniques with advanced and innovative methods for impressive final results and thanks to our unique and individual approach we achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Our clients are what is most important for us and we make sure we always meet their requirements and needs, providing and performing our services the desired way, while working according to the highest standards for hygiene, health and quality.

Well, we are more than just a boring cleaning company advertisement and we want to prove that statement right. We are enthusiastic. We love what we do and we do it with passion and here is where, we believe, we turn out to be London’s favourite cleaning and maintenance company. Our clients like us not only for our professional approach and the innovative equipment, our clients love us because they see our motivation to achieve the best, our dedication and the respect we show to anyone and their personal preferences.

High-quality cleaning services at best price

Why to choose Find Cleaner? Well, cleanness and tidiness are very important aspects of our lives. A clean and clutter-free environment means less stress, less hassle and less fuss. Have you ever noticed that when you are not surrounded by clutter, your thoughts and ideas are more organised and you feel less pressure? This is the magic of tidying up – less material aspects to think and care about leads to more free time for you to relax and live an overall enjoy life. Simply imagine how much time you spend looking after your belongings and then imagine how you can spend that time instead. Our job is to give you that precious free time. We tidy up your place so you can tidy up your mind. As simple as that, but it works!

When to choose us? We never set limits and boundaries. We believe that everyone deserves professional help and everyone deserves that precious free time! So, no project is too small or too big for us. Be sure to get in touch whenever you need simply one-off cleaning, or a professional to visit you once every week. Contact us and we will discuss your own and unique schedule that will work perfectly for you. Contact us for a cleaning service for your house, or your office. Contact us for commercial projects in London, or whenever you feel your hard floor, carpet, upholstery, windows, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, basement and more need some special attention and care. Contact us for after builders and for seasonal cleaning. It is completely up to you and you decide how often and how long you need us. No matter your decision, we always guarantee superb quality and no compromise with dirt, dust, bacteria and allergens!

With the help and support of our highly dedicated team you have the chance to experience the best services out there, including:

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Tired of constantly fighting with the nasty and stubborn stains and dirt on your beautiful carpet that seems like never leaving your life? Then stop fighting and call our company to destroy them for once and ever by treating them with an advanced and high quality technology for total loosening of dirt and grime, neutralising the heavy smells, destroying all the hidden allergens and bacteria, improving the appearance of your carpet and adding extra protection and preservation of the color and texture. Find Cleaner and carpet cleaning is a match made in heaven and if you want your carpet to feel heavenly, then all you need is our help! Do not hesitate to call us, if you are London-based.

Quality Upholstery Cleaning

A nail polish or greasy stains left on your expensive leather sofa or microfiber armchair is not the worst thing in the world, but it is not something you will enjoy. No matter how thorough you are with your maintenance routine and care for your upholstery, nasty stains are something that may happen to anybody and dirt and dust are slowly, but surely building their army in each corner and nook of your upholstered furniture. Do not panic, here is your best solution in the form of professional upholstery cleaning delivered by our company for anybody in London.

The Best House Cleaning

Your house is your domain and you want the best for it, right? So what could be better than a professional and thorough house cleaning service, delivered by our experienced and friendly team? We bet you cannot come up with a better solution, right, because no one is better than us! We are highly dedicated to developing, designing and providing you with the best house maintenance methods and techniques for achieving sparkling cleanliness, great tidiness, comfort and cosiness. We guarantee amazing results, convenient schedule and low price of service for each client in London.

Thorough End of Tenancy Cleaning

Are you looking for a thorough end of tenancy cleaning service in London to meet your needs and the requirements of your landlord/estate agent? You have just found it, right here and right now with our help and support. Everything we can offer is everything you need from a professional end of tenancy cleaning company – quick respond, amazing organisation, the best and efficient methods, quality products and equipment, affordable pricing! We have the training, skills and attitude you need to experience a stress-free and enjoyable moving out-moving in a period, so be sure to contact us!

Professional Commercial Cleaning

Our office and commercial cleaning team has the reputation of the best professionals in the field in London. And why not, we have all the things someone would need for a really enjoyable and efficient commercial cleaning service! We have the training and the skills, we have the qualifications and insurance, we have the dedication and the desire to help you achieve and enjoy the results. Our service is designed to ensure great cleanliness and tidiness within a comfortable for our clients' schedule and at a very decent price!

Quality Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floor cleaning tends to be a challenge even for the most dedicated housewife, but there is no time for worries, because we have the best solution for you – our professional and highest quality hard floor cleaning service that is available for everyone in London. Thanks to the innovative equipment and our amazing training, we have the reputation of the best hard floor cleaners in the branch. Although maintaining a hardwood, stone or vinyl floor in perfect condition is not necessarily a quick, easy and simple process, we make it time-saving, effective and enjoyable!

Tailored Cleaning for Estate Agents

When it comes to professionalism and professionally delivered services, we pride ourselves with the best that our branch can offer. Besides the amazing quality of services and efficient methods, we also are happy to provide our London clients with a great variety of services to make sure we will meet their needs and requirements completely. Our tailored cleaning for estate agents service is a great example for that. Researching and understanding the needs of the real estate branch led us to the idea of creating such a service that is always on hand, whenever you need it, comes on a decent price and will always fit your schedule, no matter how busy you are.

The Best One-off Cleaning

Because with the hectic and stressful life we all lead, free time tends to be a precious resource, you do not want to spend it cleaning the whole house for an entire weekend, we are sure! At the same time, a tidy house is what you and your family enjoy and appreciate a lot. So, how to find the balance? Simply hire our experienced and helpful team for a professional one-off cleaning service, as easy as that! We will put back your house into its perfect order, cleanliness and gloriousness within a few hours, while you can relax and spend your free time the way you want and enjoy!

Professional After Builders Cleaning

When life hands you lemons, call an after builders cleaning service in London! That is right, a home improvement service can be a sour experience in general and the last thing you would like to deal with is the mess you are left with after. And here is where our after builders cleaning help comes in handy. We don’t want to be mean, but let’s face it, we are better than you at cleaning out the mess and achieving the best results in what we are trained to do, so why don’t you leave the whole mess to us and enjoy your free time?

Where and how? Find Cleaner delivers high-quality cleaning and maintenance services for both domestic and commercial projects in London and surrounding areas. Getting in touch is easy, simply call on 020 7036 0626, or leave us a message at and we will get back to you as soon as possible!